Foundations of Coaching 201

4 Hours

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Detailed Course Outline:

Foundations of Coaching 201 is the second required course in the USA Swimming coaches’ education requirement. Foundations of Coaching 101 is a prerequisite.  This course has 10 lessons and includes coaching philosophy, swimming organization, motivation and goals, growth and development, biomechanics, physiology, season planning, stroke analysis, and supplements and anti-doping information.  This multimedia course is presented entirely online and includesa required test.

Successful completion of Foundations of Coaching 201 and the separate Rules and Regulations test is required prior to the 2nd year of coach registration. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The email address that is entered at checkout will become the username for the person taking the course. Please do not use an email address that is shared with anyone who has taken or may be taking Foundations of Coaching 101 or Foundations of Coaching 201.  If you are registering for someone else, enter the email address of the person who will be taking the course.

There are no refunds for the Foundations of Coaching [101/201] course. Once you register & submit payment, you will not be refunded regardless of course completion. 


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